Community Code of Conduct

July 6th, 2020: This Code of Conduct is currently being updated. Please check back in shortly.

Last updated: June 21, 2018

CCB aims to provide a safe, fun and supportive space for everyone performing and watching. We aim to make comedy, in particular improv, open and accessible to everyone.

We strive to book and produce shows that represent homegrown Berlin talent as well as showcase out of town visitors when possible. We aim to book and produce shows that are vetted for quality, social and conceptual value and adhere to our Standards (see below).

CCB, together with The CCB Training School, aims to introduce improv to as many new people as possible by producing a variety of improv shows and events including jams and courses in both English and German. In this way, we aim to grow the improv community in Berlin.

All of the profits from CCB produced shows, unless otherwise agreed, are split 75%/25% between performers and CCB, respectively. Out of town performer agreements are negotiated on a case by case basis. We aim to fairly and adequately compensate performers for their work and we aim to keep ticket prices affordable. All current improv students in our courses receive free rush tickets to any improv show at CCB to encourage more interest and grow the community.

CCB is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment to people of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities, cultural views, sexual orientations, religions and nationalities, and are currently working to encourage greater diversity and accessibility in the improv scene.

In order to ensure adherence to our mission statement above we ask all performers to follow the Standards outlined below:

  • Trust & Support One Another – “Make each other look good”

    • Provide support both on and off the stage.
    • Collaborate don’t compete. Work together.
    • Establish trust & support. This is of utmost importance. If you feel unsafe while performing, you should feel free to stop the show and shall not be penalized for doing so.
    • Support other acts and groups when you are sharing a bill. Do not distract them while they are performing. If possible, watch and enjoy the show along with the audience.
  • Be Present – “Give your focus, your attention, your thoughts and feelings”

    • Listen to each other both on and off the stage.
    • Be sober(ish) – No illegal drug use or excessive drinking before or during a performance. Know your limits!
  • Be Respectful – “The golden rule”

    • Respect sexual boundaries.
    • Limit physical contact to editing (in improv) and appropriate social norms.
    • Remember that other comedians are here to perform first and foremost, not to be asked out/hit on.
    • Treat sensitive and risky subject matter carefully and with emotional intelligence.
    • Learn what emotional intelligence means. Learn what intelligence means … just kidding!
    • Attack the establishment, not the downtrodden, in a humorous way.
  • Be Openhearted – “We succeed and fail together with grace”

    • Accept and deliver critique with a kind embrace, but not too much touching.
    • Empathize with people, even if they’re very different from you.
    • Belong to the CCB Community and welcome others.

Statement on Discrimination

CCB does not tolerate discriminatory behavior, misconduct or harassment of any kind.

If you are concerned or have questions with any of this please contact us.

Community Liaisons

If you have a complaint or concern about a fellow improviser, comedian, teacher, audience member, or member of staff please contact any of the following Community Liaisons:

Addressing issues improves the community and we encourage you to speak up. We do not place timeframe limits on addressing concerns, though our ability to take action may be limited should the status of involved parties have changed during that time.

Who is CCB?

Comedy Café Berlin is owned and managed by Noah Telson and Leah Katz.

The CCB Training School is co-directed by Josh Telson and Noah Telson.

The CCB Community is an organic group of current and former students, improvisers, dedicated audience members and comedians.

Shows are programmed and booked by Noah Telson & Josh Telson and produced by various people in the CCB Community and wider Berlin comedy scene.